Pure Spices

Pure spices are one of the greatest blessings of Allah. Every household in the world benefits from this blessing every day. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

Pure spices are produced in every country of the world but few countries in the world are called Home of the Pure Spices. Ginger India, China: Turmeric: India and Pakistan. Cumin: India, Turkey. Chili Pepper: India, China. Nutmeg Indonesia and Grenada. Saffron: Iran and Spain. Some countries in the world are rich with this blessing. The air and water sources in each country are different, so the spices of each country have different tastes.

This is a natural thing. No country or man has any hand in it. Herbs from some countries have a prominent place in the world due to different tastes. The flavors of Pakistan and Indian spices are found the best in the world. That is why these countries have the advantage over other countries. We can say with pride that their products are loved in every home in the world. This does not mean that products from other countries are of no use. We are talking about the difference in seasonal effects. You can choose any country depending on your taste.

Pure Spices Life

This is not what you think of the life of pure spices. Most spices begin to lose their color in a few months due to the seasonal effects if you do not store the spices at temperatures below 35. So it is very likely that your spices will soon lose their true taste. Always store your spices in a cool and dry place so that your spices retain their true taste.

Avoid buying spices at the Grocery store

Buying condiments from the grocery store will give you long-lasting spices and those spices are likely very old.
One of the major reasons for being old is that the first manufacturer stocks spices. Second, the grocery store owner has enough months of stock. There is no shortage of hoarding in Pakistan. So always try to buy spices online so that you can get the freshest spices.

Finish Middle man role and save money.

The grocery store plays the role of a middleman. The manufacturer prepares the goods and then supplies the grocery store. First, the manufacturer makes a profit, and then the grocery store makes a profit. So it is your wish to pay a profit for two houses or one. Always buy online spices. Save your precious time and money.

Special Locations

Special location. There are many places in the world where there is no courier or postal service. If available, the post may take extra time. Where there are military postal, more time is required. Buyers from such locations may receive a parcel within a day or two later. There is nothing to worry about it.

Pure Spices
Free Shipping Free Shipping

We adhere to the principle of free shipping in Pakistan.
This offer is applicable for requesting more than two thousand spices.
If there is a problem with the goods, we may re-free shipping. If you do not like the goods, no charges will be applied in case of a refund. You will be refunded upon receipt.
In the case of Easy paisa, you will be charged for receiving money. To avoid charges, you must use a payment method so that you can avoid any deductions in return.
The wholesaler is not included in this offer. Wholesalers can contact us for shipping information at no charge for the information. Feel free to contact us. Service is available every time. The representative will make every effort to provide you with information about good and trade principles

International shipping

Shipping charges are different for different countries of the world. In such a case, charges may be fixed when dealing. Wholesalers and retailers from other countries can contact us via What Sapp and know about charges according to your country. Our main responsibility is to provide you with good information. So don’t hesitate. Your contact will be a pleasure for us.

The challenge

We do not challenge any organization or individual in the world, but we can say with certainty that we are a clean and transparent business. You can check our possessions at any time anywhere in the country. Hopefully, our products will be by country norms

A few words about blended goods sellers

From the world, a lot of people are involved in this curse. Their day-to-day work is to find a company that blends in and gets us cheap goods and we get rich overnight.
We apologize to the salesman. Who sell adulterated goods. Don’t waste their time. We only trade in pure spices. Our motto is to make less profit but doesn’t mix.