First of all, we talk about the forex market. Forex Trading or Market was born in 1970. At present, it is the largest market in the world. According to the report of 2016, Forex has 5.1 trillion daily transactions. Much has been written in the world about forex trading. More forex traders are working day and night to learn and write about forex. Each forex trader has his own style and each trader trades according to his style. Whatever happens during trading? Later over time, he presents his synthesis to the world in your own words. We can find the biggest traders in the world. These biggest traders have a big name in the world. These biggest traders have unlimited hard work. Due to their hard work, they became the world’s leading businessmen.


As I mentioned earlier, a lot has been written about forex trading What is forex trading? The simplest answer is that when you travel to another country. You land an airport in another country. You have to deal with the currency of that country. You immediately go to a currency exchange shop and change the currency. The currency of your country and the currency of that country, the transaction is called forex trading. This is a simple forex trading that you did.


You may also have seen a chart on the currencies exchange shop. This chart will list the currencies rates of different countries. For example, One British pound buys rate is 1:3030 and the sale rate is 1:3040. This is a difference of ten points. The profit or loss of these points is called forex trading. Simple trading that took place between two humans. The only difference when you use this method online is that you and the money exchanger were faces to face at the airport. On which you are trading forex.

It is important to read and practice it

Forex trading is not a children’s game. When did the heart play and when did the heart read? The forex market is the largest market in the world. Forex requires a lot of education. Many of my dear newbie traders ask questions. How long they will become successful traders. There is no answer to this question. The answer is not because this answer requires forex education. If you complete your education early, the answer will be prompt soon. Sometimes you learn and you never learn. The answer will be late. There are many books that you have to pass and then follow them, then you can become a successful forex trader. Otherwise, the market will continue to lose time and wealth as well. Get a beginner education or book with the help of a good forex trader. Second forex book, forex platform selection. The third book, practice on the forex demo account.

Is it important to read more?

Yes, it is important, your goal is to become a successful trader. Four books of forex, focus more on becoming a successful trader. Without these books, you cannot become a successful trader without reading and practicing. Get Help From Successful Trader. Only five out of 100 forex traders are successful in the world of forex trading. 90 traders fail traders. The remaining five are neither successful nor unsuccessful traders. The biggest reason for this was the many people in the forex world came and went. I do not know the reason for the arrival. But there are two other reasons to leave. 1. Not all passersby received a full education. Traders who studied did not practice this skill. The fear of the forex market or of getting rich overnight. Hopefully, if the traders do these things then they can certainly become successful forex traders.

forex trading

Choice of best broker.

In forex trading, the brokers are a backbone. You have that bone broken. The rest of the healthy body can do nothing. There are currently 1200 brokers in the world. These brokers are facilitating to people all over the world. The selection of the broker must be made wisely. The broker is registered. Check on the broker’s website. It is registered. Whose register is it? Whether or not the registrar has that register? Check all these things then check out the platform. The broker platform does not raise or lower prices at the time of order.
Is the broker is facilitating live chat? The broker’s server is fast or slow.

Is the broker charge any commission at the time of withdrawal? Whether the broker gives a timely response? And much more you’ll find the broker page available soon. Forex’s third book demo account. A demo account is a very good book in forex trading. This book teaches us about the market. A few key points of the demo account. 1. Chart study. You can buy or sell a currency only after studying the chart. 2. Currency historical data. 3. Information about pips and lots.Account information on how many orders you booked. 5. Creating a successful strategy.

Do you aim to become a successful forex trader?

Think a thousand times. Then decide. Going into the world of Forex or not. You are sure that you are going to Forex. You’ve arrived in forex. Decide to do the same as under. Success is the key to hard work. If you want to succeed, hard work is required. Pay attention to hard work as you do to your girlfriend. Success in the world is impossible without hard work. For example, If you open a small shop, it takes time to make that shop successful. Yes, likewise, education and time are needed to succeed in forex trading. On the contrary, we used to be rich only in trading overnight. Trying to get rich makes us disappear from the market.

Your aim

You join forex with one goal and one goal is to become a successful trader. Work hard day and night to become a successful trader. Study the market read the chart. Keep an eye on the news. Monitor the economic conditions of the countries.  Trade one currency at a time. Make only one strategy at a time. If you are studying charts, do not miss out on anything else before completing chart education. Complete a chapter daily. All these things will lead you to success after hard work.

Pay attention to success, not to the profit.

The forex market has a high payout ratio, than other businesses.
Man is greedy from the beginning. Because of greed, man also cheats and also gets caught in the cheat. Even man cheats with business. Later, the business deceives him. There is a saying in English that will do well and you will have well. forex trading is also associated with such things. In forex, if you focus your attention only on profit, profit will disappear after a while. You will be left alone in the market. Don’t ride the market on your own. Rather you ride the market. All your priorities should be hard work. Profit-oriented traders are among the top 90 traders. Eliminate profit thinking and keep working hard at all times. Then a time will come. When you become a successful forex trader Profit will be your right-hand game. Then play this game all life.


You got some information about forex. Some of this information was important to learn forex with hard work and dedication. Choose a broker wisely. Choose a platform wisely Give less thought to profit. Value hard work. Your objective is to learn forex trading. Do everything possible to achieve that goal. Note. I know my website is about spices. It also included forex. Yes, friends. In fact, I am a part-time forex trader.  Actually, my business is spices. forex is being added to it by dear friends.