Halal and haram in every religion there is a concept of halal and haram. There is no religion in the world that is only lawful.
I am writing this so that no human will have difficulty understanding it. I am not talking about any one religion, country, or nation. This is found in all human beings in the world.

halal and haram

In ancient times, people cared about each other. They respected both the elder and the younger.
There was a promise. There was a time limit. People were sincere to relatives. They were obeying the laws of the country. They understood the job as a job and performed his duties honestly. People had not heard the word blend. People used to do their work. They did not spend their time catching the thefts of others. The difference between halal and haram was felt.
Science made immense progress. The development of science there brought the funeral of all these things.

Today we talk about just one point. What are halal and haram?
As I said above, in the olden times there was a difference between halal and haram. Nowadays, the difference between halal and haram has been eliminated. In fact, we are also accustomed to eating forbidden things.

Let’s start with the farmer.

When a farmer sows his crop, he tries it. If I get stealing water, I will make more profit. Due to high profits, he forgets the difference between halal and haram. Every effort is made to steal water. Due to water, he also becomes an electric thief.
This is a matter of judgment when the crop is ripe. Mixes or tries to adapt to crop types.

For example, red pepper brings a great deal of water to the market. So that it weighs more and I get more profit in this way. In the wheat will mix the saplings according to the area.
Even a farmer has a few animals. He receives about 20 kg of milk daily from animals. Mix five kilograms of water in twenty kilograms of milk and eat 20 kilograms forbidden.


Shopkeepers are operating in every street, neighborhood, city, and country in the world. Every shopkeeper has invented ways to make halal things forbidden.
The shopkeeper even tries to get the cheapest product and sells it at an expensive price. Under this strategy, the shopkeeper strives for his business day and night. The shopkeeper never noticed the difference between halal and haram. This is the shopkeeper’s attempt. He has nothing to do with pure. He wants profit. He sells blended goods for profit. Why not fill the hospital with people because of blended items. The ghost rides on one of the shopkeeper’s heads so that I get more and more money and I get rich overnight.


Jobs’ voices will be heard from every corner of the world. In earlier times the job was only in the men’s section. Nowadays women are sharing too. Men and women of every country are trying to get a government job and they can live and enjoy lawful living all their life. Who gets a job. After getting a job, he has a top priority. How to make provision forbidden.
Employees of every institution in every country have introduced ways to forbid their livelihood. Some people find it hard to work. Someone forbids halal provision by having a cup of tea. Some employees forbid provision by taking shoes. Some receive other kinds of gifts.

Some employees even used to empty people’s pockets. They don’t even think they have the fare to go back home or not.
Some employees don’t go for a few bucks to talk about millions.   So our sustenance will be completely haram.
Some employees talk about millions. So that halal can be completely eliminated. Most employees do not aim to annoy anyone. The main purpose of corrupt employees is to prohibit halal provision. We can name similar methods of scientific development.

Then why do we not feel the difference between Halal and haram?
These are just a few words for people who try to get rich overnight, which eliminates the difference between halal and haram.
People who are the diamonds and pearls of this world. They are day and night looking for a lawful provision, greeting them from us and from all the good people of the world.
If some of our broken words sound good, do not hesitate to share. Feel free to share with your family and friends.