Family life, every married couple wants our children to be the richest in the world. Our thoughts are limited to thinking. We have no strategy to put them into practice. This desire of married people takes the form of a dream. Just thinking about it all our lives, one day we go to the brink of death. Some people around the world also find the interpretation of this dream. And so many families around the world are living a much better life. The majority is confined to dreams.

A good friend always gives good advice.

A friend of mine asked me how to raise children. The answer I gave him is at your service. If your child is American, he or she will be raised in an American environment. The Chinese child will be brought up according to the Chinese environment. The upbringing of the Japanese child will be according to the Japanese environment. So much so that you all agree with me. So everything is fine and our topic is on the right track. I hope you all do not get bored that you will not let these few moments go to the waste. This means that the environment in which our children are raised are exactly the same. If our children are brought up in a healthy environment, they will be healthy.

How to improve your future and the future of your children.

There are many rules for improving family life. We should all follow these principles and not just spend our whole life thinking. If our child is born into an educated family, he will be literate. If our children open their eyes to good morals, then their morals will be good. Our children will be successful if they spend time with successful people. Our children will be disciplined if they spend time in disciplined people. If our children spend time with punctual people, then our children will be punctual. This means that the environment in which the children will be raised will be exactly like that environment.

family life

If you want to improve your family life, I have a suggestion to follow. Hopefully, it will change the life of your future generations. Will As I suggested in the first paragraph, children are like the environment. If you keep killing flies at home all day, your children will be killing flies. If you do bad things to other people in the house all day, your children will do the same. How good words will come out of your children’s mouths if you abuse them. If you fail, how will your children succeed?

How to make a child a better member of society.

How can your children be punctual if you are not punctual? How can your child become a billionaire if you have empty pockets? How can your child be positive if you are negative? This means that your child is your product. If the machine is bad then how can the product be good. So heal yourself, your children will heal themselves. Because I have told you that American children are American and British children are British. American children will never talk about the Japanese environment.

If you want to improve your family life, improve yourself first.

If you want to change family life, change yourself. Don’t waste time fixing the baby. Heal yourself. The baby will heal automatically. Become the way you want your children to be. You don’t have to work hard on your children. If you don’t believe the submissions I made in this Vlog, try it once and you will definitely see a change in the lives of you and your children. If you feel that change is coming, share these few words of mine with other parents so that you and I can be the means to change the world.