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Organic farming used to be practiced 15/20 years ago but as science progressed, organic farming was replaced by inorganic agriculture. One thing to note here is that in organic agriculture there was almost no chance of disease but in inorganic agriculture numerous human and animal diseases were born. No human or animal is safe today […]

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Red Pepper

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Red Pepper Powder And Green Chilli Red Pepper and green chilli are used in large quantities in the world. It is used usually at home, wedding, and hotel dishes in the world. Not only do we supplement our food with pepper, but we also find plenty of nutrients and vitamins in it. There are two […]

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Pakistani Spices

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Pakistani spices have a high place in the world. Pakistan is a world-famous country in terms of agriculture. Pakistan’s land is unique in terms of agriculture. That is why Pakistani spices are unique in taste. We are not appreciating the fact being listed here. Pakistan produces a lot of spices. But here we are only […]

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Halal and Haram

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Halal and haram in every religion there is a concept of halal and haram. There is no religion in the world that is only lawful. I am writing this so that no human will have difficulty understanding it. I am not talking about any one religion, country or nation. This is found in all human […]

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Forex trading

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First of all, we talk about the forex market. Forex Trading or Market was born in 1970. At present, it is the largest market in the world. According to the report of 2016, Forex has 5.1 trillion daily transactions. Much has been written in the world about forex trading. More forex traders are working day […]

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