Spices prices chart is higher than the rest of the spices makers. The main reason is that we only produce spices from pure and good quality so that you can make a clear difference in homemade foods.

spices prices chart

There are all kinds of people in society. Some women never compromise on the quality of homemade food. This quality is only for women who are always looking to improve the quality of their home foods. Whether the price is low or high.

Don’t be scared to look at the spices price chart The main reason for fear is that prices come to us but the real things are not in front of us so we quickly realize why we buy something so expensive but please Stop for a while and don’t think about the price less or more, but first look at the item you are planning to buy, then determine the low or high price. If the quality of the item is good then the price will be higher. If the quality is medium, then the price will be medium and if the thing is of poor quality then the price will be lower. In the world, the name of examining spices prices chart is not goods, but more or less value after examining things.

We do not claim but our quality is our claim that we produce pure and good quality spices so that the quality of every homemade food is top quality and has no side effect.

Eat Pure Diet Avoid Diseases


Items#1Bar CodeWeightPriceBuy Now
Supper Red Chilli Powder03053933100-230 GrmRs: 20.00Buy
Supper Red Chilli Powder2006810-11-1100 GrmRS: 60.00Buy
Supper Red Chilli Powder032369793002200 GrmRs: 120.00Buy
Supper Red Chilli Powder2006810-13-1400 GrmRs: 220.00Buy
Supper Red Chilli Powder2006810-14-1800 GrmRs: 440.00Buy
Items#2Bar CodeWeightPriceBuy Now
Daisi Red Chilli Powder2006810-16-250 GrmRs: 25.00Buy
Daisi Red Chilli Powder2006810-17-2125 GrmRs: 63.00Buy
Daisi Red Chilli Powder2006810-18-2250 GrmRs: 125.00Buy
Daisi Red Chilli Powder2006810-19-2500 GrmRS: 250.00Buy
Daisi Red Chilli Powder2006810-18-21 KgRs: 500.00Buy
Items#3Bar CodeWeightPriceBuy Now
Punjabi Dara Merch2006810-21-350 GrmRs: 25.00Buy
Punjabi Dara Merch2006810-22-3125 GrmRs: 63.00Buy
Punjabi Dara Merch2006810-23-3250 GrmRs: 125.00Buy
Punjabi Dara Merch2006810-24-3500 GrmRS: 250.00Buy
Punjabi Dara Merch2006810-25-31 KgRs: 500.00Buy
Items#4Bar CodeWeightPriceBuy Now
Goli Corainder Powder2006810-26-450 GrmRs: 20.00Buy
Goli Corainder Powder2006810-27-4150 GrmRs: 50.00Buy
Goli Corainder Powder2006810-28-4320 GrmRS: 100.00Buy
Goli Corainder Powder2006810-29-41 KgRs: 300.00Buy
Items#5Bar CodeWeightPriceBuy Now
Golden Turmeric Powder2006810-31-560 GrmRs: 20.00Buy
Golden Turmeric Powder2006810-32-5200 GrmRS: 50.00Buy
GoldenTurmeric Powder2006810-33-5400 GrmRs: 100.00Buy
Golden Turmeric Powder2006810-34-51 KgRs: 240.00Buy
Items#6Bar CodeWeightPriceBuy Now
Kasuri Fenugreek2006810-36-660 GrmRs: 20.00Buy
Kasuri Fenugreek2006810-37-6200 GrmRS: 50.00Buy
Kasuri Fenugreek2006810-38-6400 GrmRs: 100.00Buy
Kasuri Fenugreek2006810-39-6800 GrmRs: 200.00Buy